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About GreenPark Crack Sealing

With GreenPark crack sealing we have the equipment and know-how to improve the life and look of your lot, so you save costly future damage caused by unruly cracks. Enjoy the increase in property value, and the comfort of having your lot in the hands of the GreenPark experts.

How We Work To Save You Money

Unsolved cracking leads to the full destruction of your pavement. When you call GreenPark, we put a stop to this process. Suitable cracks are identified and routed. Problem areas are blown free of all dust and debris to ensure the strongest seal. We then inspect all cracks to guarantee proper preparation before all areas are sealed using a heated overbanding applicator. With a quick turnaround time, you’ll barely notice we were here. But you will notice the difference in your pavement.

Pavement Crack
Life Cycle

  1. Pavement cracks allow water to infiltrate into the gravel sub-base
  2. Water freezes and thaws causing vertical movement and larger cracking
  3. More cracking leads to more water penetration and irreversible damage

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GreenPark crack sealing stops the pavement crack cycle, so the life of your pavement is restored. Send us a message for a no-obligation quote.

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